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Glass Treatment and Coating Service

We can treat your glass to make it to last longer as new, and 90% easier to clean.

Every type of glass panel has microscopic holes on its surface that water, shampoo, or dirt can stick. Since we don’t have the time to properly clean the shower after every use, some of those particulars can stick there and with time they will become both harder and resistance to be removed. 

Glass Coating is not magic, it is only a product that can stick on glass with a transparent look that help making glass surface smoother and harder for any substance to stick in. Therefore, making your shower screen more resistance and easier to clean. 

How long Glass coating last?

it is hard to answer that question since it depends on the way you clean your panel and how often you do it. But it is design to last for years. The good news is that when you feel it wore you can apply it again.  

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