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Are Semi-Frameless Shower Screens For You?

Posted by Samer Salha on



Semi framed corner shower screen chrome frame 

Semi framed Shower Screen

A shower screen is generally seen as a functional feature in the bathroom, as it prevents the shower water from running free and forming puddles all over the bathroom. But that’s not all a shower glass does! Aside from keeping bathrooms clean, it acts as an accent, giving a touch of elegance to the surroundings.

Many people believe that shower screens are only suitable for big bathrooms, but that’s not true. Bathrooms on the smaller side of the size spectrum can also feature shower glass without appearing cramped. That said, choosing the right design for the detail is essential to keep bathrooms from looking stuffy. Typically, compact bathrooms work well with frameless shower screens, but those are on the pricier side. Semi-frameless shower screens, on the other hand, form a similar impression as their rimless counterparts but without costing as much.

If you think you want a semi-frameless shower screen for your bathroom but are not sure if it’s the right choice, these perks of the variety will clear your mind.  


Many people wish to add a more tasteful shower screen choice, particularly the frameless variety, to their bathrooms but back away thinking it will cost needlessly high. But with semi-frameless shower glass, the issue of price becomes invalid.    

Most shower screens are made with tempered glass for structural stability. But to make them a sturdier configuration, professionals add frames all around the assembly points. When those rims are not used, and the glass unsupported, on its own. As a result, special glass fixtures are attached to the feature to keep it firmly affixed to the ground and walls. Simply put, having metallic frames around a shower glass makes it securer at a low price, whereas opting for the frameless variety requires a specialized fixing mechanism to keep the glass firmly erect, naturally racking up the cost.

To reach a middle ground, designers came up with the semi-framed shower screen selection, which gives users the best of both worlds. That is, you get the elegance and minimalistic feel of a frameless shower screen sans the cost.

If you want to bring sophistication into your bathroom without straining your pocket, a semi-frameless shower screen is a perfect choice for you.   


Despite being ultra-chic, frameless screens are often not the most practical choice. Naturally, when a glass sheet mostly relies on its own for purchase, it becomes a risky choice for a bathroom highlight. As you must have already gathered by now, with a semi-framed shower screen, the issue of practicality is resolved rather effortlessly, without the need for compromise on the structure’s overall appearance.

Not that framed shower screens are downright unsightly; they are relatively less appealing than their semi-framed and frameless counterparts.

A semi-framed shower glass offers homeowners practicality with affordability. In other words, putting a semi-rimless shower screen is a win-win situation.

Easy to Clean

You might think that a glass sheet cannot warrant a rigorous upkeep regime, but that’s only partially true. Cleaning a frameless shower glass is pretty straightforward as there are no recesses where scum and grime can make a home. But when it comes to cleaning framed shower screens, things can get a little tricky if you do not keep up with the pre-set maintenance routine.

Because of the framing holding a framed shower screen together, narrow crevices are formed at the edges, offering the perfect abode to gross soap water residue. To keep said spaces clean, one needs to wash the structure regularly.

But if you choose a semi-frameless shower screen for your bathroom, you can get by minimal maintenance, thanks to the limited framing. Since only the perimeters of a glass sheet are covered with rims in a semi-frameless shower screen, there aren’t enough places for scum to settle in, making shower screen maintenance a piece of cake.

If you want to enhance your bathroom’s appearance without having to put in too much effort, a semi-frameless shower screen will be an ideal solution for you.

Besides, nobody likes to have to clean a feature that’s primarily added for functionality, so with semi-framed shower glass, you enjoy full functionality with a decent amount of form without any tiring efforts.


The semi-frameless shower screen family offers an extensive range of options for users to choose from and not just the glass variety. When selecting a semi-frameless shower glass, you don’t just get to pick out the glass design from a plethora of choices but also the frames.

For glass, you can go with translucent, tinted, frosted, or custom-etched panes. For framing, you can choose the metal, based on your bathroom’s needs and have it colored according to the theme. Collectively, the two comprehensive selections offer uninhibited freedom of choice. You can get as creative as you want or take a more creative approach.

Door Choices

Because a semi-frameless shower screen is a relatively more stable choice for a shower enclosure, it allows users to design the opening however they want. Whether you want a swinging door or wish to go with a sliding exit, a semi-frameless shower screen gives you the freedom to do as you please.

Aside from the conventional entry styles to a shower cubicle, you can also go a bit more over-the-top with a semi-rimless shower glass and put in a pivoting door that rotates two ways on its hinges.  

Many people also like to add a magnetic closure when putting sliding doors as it offers a more secure closing. But that’s a feasible option when you choose a single sliding pane that moves towards the wall. If you want to be a little extravagant, you can go with something that makes your entries and exists to the shower cabin much more dramatic. To get that effect, get two sliding panels installed and have them slide into one another. This way, when you come out of the shower area, it’ll make for a grand reveal sort of a moment!


Ending Note

All shower screen options have their own set of pros and cons; which one you choose is up to you. But as long as you hire experienced professionals, whatever you choose will work out for you just fine.