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Frameless fixed Standard glass panel shower screen

Frameless fix panel 10 mm toughened glass, Australian standard with a standard height of 2000 mm. It is available from 100 mm up to 1200 mm increment by 5 mm.

Frameless fixed glass panel Custom

We can customise any glass panel size you want just send us a drawing or the dimension you like, and we can cut the glass for you. We do also offer delivery for the Sydney area at the moment.

frameless fixed panel shower screen with special cut

We can also cut the glass for you with a radius of 12mm at least if you have a panel sitting over a tiled step. That allows the panel to sit part over the bath side and part over the floor. 

Fixed panel shower screen from Bunnings

Bunnings also supply standard glass panel 10 mm toughened glass that you can buy from. 

frameless shower panel Starphire Crystal Clear

We do also sell crystal clear glass panels that have a clear side colour the price of Starphire glass is way too expensive compared to normal green clear glass. 

Single fixed panel shower screen Frosted Glass

We do also sell white or obscure glass panels that have a white colour the price of frosted glass is expensive compared to normal green clear glass. 

Fixed glass shower panel both Starphire and Frosted

We do also sell crystal clear glass panels but also frosted. The price of Starphire frosted glass is the second expensive glass after the reeded glass.

fixed shower screen panel with reeded glass

Reeded glass is the most expensive type of glass in Sydney. We also design supply and install the right panel for your bathroom cut to wall and floor size.

Fix frameless shower screen floor to ceiling

We can also supply and install fixed panels from floor to ceiling with silicon joints and customise holes on the wall with hidden screws option.

fixed glass panels accessories and finishes

We have a variety of brackets design, finishes, and colour that you can choose from each depends on the stock availability. Example polished chrome, satin chrome, brushed satin chrome, polished brass, satin brass, ultra brass, antique brass, gold plated, satin nickel, polished nickel, antique brushed nickel, polished nickel, matte black, gunmetal, oil rubbed bronze, antique bronze, brushed copper, antique brushed copper, polished copper, white, black, red, bbrz. 

how to install a frameless fixed glass shower panel?

Before installing the glass panel into your bathroom you need to check the pipes in order to design the holes away from any pipe. Then you need to measure with a laser tile by tile to check the slope and shape of your wall as well as your floor in order to cut the panel accordingly to void too much silicon usage. choosing the right accessories is a part of the process as well. After your glass and brackets are read you need to clean properly with spirits the area where you want to install the glass then clean also the glass border. use silicon packers to place them under the shower glass place the glass panel in its place then mark the holes with a marker pen on where you would like to drill by using a laser to level the panel on the wall. Remove the panel put it on the side then drill those two holes accordingly with the right tile drill bit. insert green plugs inside the holes and use a rubber hammerhead to place the green plugs flush inside the holes. apply a circle of silicon around the holes. place the panel again to its place then screw down the screws inside the wall carefully, make sure that the glass panel will not touch the tiles at any point in time. apply silicon from inside the glass panel and also from outside of the panel, leave it for 24 hours to dry properly then now you can use the panel safely.